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For all you "ZeroBombers" out there.

This video wasn't stolen, morons. ScytheBoy either IS Scott Roomsair or has permission to post this video here. So shaddap and stop whining.

No no, He said it right.

He said Crepes right. "Crepe" is pronounced like "Crape", so he said "Crepes" correctly.

Crepes is NOT pronounced "Creppeh" Or "Creppie" nor is it pronounced "Crap".

Sarcasm + Redundancy = Awesome

It's short, it really has no point, and it's hilariously destructive. Nice. Great artistry too.

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Pure Epicism

I pretty much played this for 2.5+ hours. This game is awesome, the graphics are good, the sounds are cool, the music is great, and the concept is recycled awesomeness. I couldn't stop playing until I had all of the medals, because I just couldn't.

The concept is based around the old "Throw as hard as you can and see how far it goes" games. The upgrades make it interesting, but the thing that makes this unique are the "Gunz". Never before have I seen a game made of this much awesome. This is a game I recommend for those who have nothing better to do than sit at your computer, because this will keep you playing for hours, and hours, and hours, and... well, you get the point...

And for those who are wondering: My record is 4,244,042.7 Ft.
Run was interupted by a flying spike ball.
This game is awesome.
Play it.
Love it.
Vote 5.

Dj Pie Safety

Nice song, heh, pretty awesome.

Oh yeah, one more thing: "PPPPIIIIEEEEE!!!!! It is good. Yes."

Pretty difficult game, I wouldn't actually rate it a perfect score if it weren't for these people complaining that it is too hard or that "LOL G4M3S R NUT JOR THING! JOO SUX" or stuff like that, but since people are being this way, I have no choice...

Remember! Knife Safety! Say no to knives! Say yes to pie!

This game is not for whiners, or noobs.

This game is not for whiners, noobs, people who do not like to die on the third level, or idiots who complain about the lack of "Gradual Difficulty" or the fact that anyone without a "Pro-Bound" Status can't do it. (Bounding = Dodging through moving mazes)

I got through just fine, but some levels seemed like a breeze (Mainly the last few). But all in all, the challenge is greatly welcomed.

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Most excellent

I have to admit that this is one lonely piece. The beginning really does make me feel cold, not in the sense you probably mean though, because I don't get cold. The noise at 1:20 made me nearly shat myself though, as it was quite unexpected, like the sudden realization that you are truly alone.

PS. Beware the shadows...

PearlDrummer516 responds:

Yeah, this is the most experimental, ambient song I've done thus far. My favorite part is at 2:56. There's so little going on, but it does so much for that feeling of isolation. I'm glad you almost shit yourself haha. That means I'm doing my job! Thanks for listening mate!

- Arron -

PS - Man, FUCK shadows! They don't scare me!

Hey! I'm headbanging to this!

At first when I started to listen to it I thought "Oh gees, not another crappy remix." Of course when I started getting into it that changed quick. My only complaint is the transition from the Intro to the Main melody, it seemed it a bit... I don't know, hesitated? Otherwise awesome! And seriously, I have a headache from head banging. No really!

I'll give you a 9/10, not to mention I'm downloading it.

Sub wins everytime

Sub. Sub. Sub... subway? Naw just kidding.

For a song without filters, I thought it was pretty good. Then again, my opinion doesn't often matter much for anything.

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