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Most excellent

I have to admit that this is one lonely piece. The beginning really does make me feel cold, not in the sense you probably mean though, because I don't get cold. The noise at 1:20 made me nearly shat myself though, as it was quite unexpected, like the sudden realization that you are truly alone.

PS. Beware the shadows...

PearlDrummer516 responds:

Yeah, this is the most experimental, ambient song I've done thus far. My favorite part is at 2:56. There's so little going on, but it does so much for that feeling of isolation. I'm glad you almost shit yourself haha. That means I'm doing my job! Thanks for listening mate!

- Arron -

PS - Man, FUCK shadows! They don't scare me!

Hey! I'm headbanging to this!

At first when I started to listen to it I thought "Oh gees, not another crappy remix." Of course when I started getting into it that changed quick. My only complaint is the transition from the Intro to the Main melody, it seemed it a bit... I don't know, hesitated? Otherwise awesome! And seriously, I have a headache from head banging. No really!

I'll give you a 9/10, not to mention I'm downloading it.

Sub wins everytime

Sub. Sub. Sub... subway? Naw just kidding.

For a song without filters, I thought it was pretty good. Then again, my opinion doesn't often matter much for anything.

Ugabuga oogabugabugha?

I enjoyed the sub very muchly. My buddy has a 1000 watt amp sub in the trunk of his sports car... Need I say more?

The vocals WERE a bit annoying... but all in all I think this achieved a great effect.

Good work!

I did enjoy the "Glitch-Core" Parts, they gave it a sort of... well, I have a lack of describing words for it, so I'll just say it gave it an odd feeling. Although the "Glitch-Core" sections seemed a bit dragged on, would be nice if you shortened them, and write better author comments, as many people will think "What the hell" when they hear it.

Kthxbai. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

Been here in town for long?

It's like something you would hear in an RPG, maybe in a town. It has... Town style (Towny?) elements, enjoyable and relaxing, something suited for a night out on town. Thems be the good things about it.

It doesn't change too much, sadly, no added instruments later in, the slow AND fade at the end it leaves something to be desired, not to mention the 10+ second silence unless you can turn you're speakers up, and down right away to avoid blasting you're eardrums with super waves. It could also use a speed up... what was the BPM?

All in all it was very suiting to it's title. Maybe a little TOO suiting... -shifty eyes-



Perhaps you can provide a cheat sheet so I can see what the songs are and what they are from.

I know the mario song and sonic. but I'd get them wrong if i tried to name them.

Doesn't sound like any King Dedede I know

So if you told me what Kirby game this is from, it would help immensely.

It's alright, a bit softcore for king Dedede though, and slow. But this is ok, and it loops... 4/5 8/10 for the effort.

DJPureSuffer responds:

its a very loose remix. I took parts of the original dedede music, changed them, and put them in different spots. im not surprised that you dont recognize it that well. but if you listen to each part carefully, you might be able to pick the original stuff that I branched off of.

Well done.

And it's a remix of Nirvana. I like. Good job. Although it gets a little loud... Still the awesome.

Know what I really hate?

Well, not this song, but something completely different. You know, lol, like saying lol fifty times, lol, before the sentance even ends, lol, you know, lol?

Nice song. I've never really played any FF games (Cept that one time I watch my friend... and all the demos... an stuff). It's so peaceful, kind of like the silent before the storm... You should compose an original piece BASED on this, only instead of ending with a calm... untro? anyways, have it transit into a really wild Storm scene and such. Now, just for the sake of confusing the f**k out of you... Here is what one of my friends would have said without their medication:

Great, is so peaceful and I don't really care about the game but I will not speak correctly so as to confuse you because this is a great song and tamales are a fruit kind of like this song which reminds me of a fruit because LoL is an acronym for Lots oh Lard and this song reminds me of that... *Brief pause for breath*... And I are going to vote five because it is awesome.

Cosmos8942 responds:

Hmm, I hadn't thought of doing that. Scaling down the song and then bringing it back up. I may have to give that a try sometime..........anyhow.

I won't say anymore here since you have everything packed up nice and tight and anything I may say might ruin the wierdness.


But heck, the score (9/10) speaks for itself doesn't it? ^^

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