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For all you "ZeroBombers" out there.

This video wasn't stolen, morons. ScytheBoy either IS Scott Roomsair or has permission to post this video here. So shaddap and stop whining.

No no, He said it right.

He said Crepes right. "Crepe" is pronounced like "Crape", so he said "Crepes" correctly.

Crepes is NOT pronounced "Creppeh" Or "Creppie" nor is it pronounced "Crap".

Sarcasm + Redundancy = Awesome

It's short, it really has no point, and it's hilariously destructive. Nice. Great artistry too.


I have realized what BR and RR represent. Blue Rabbit represents the fun loving, childish, live for the moment part of the mind. Red Rabbit is a more serious, practical, mature, and calm mind. It took me all 8 episodes to realize that.

Each Episode tells us a story, and each is very practical and full of experience. Wonderful series you have, I hope to see a lot more similar to this.

Please Read the author comments

If you do not know what this is about, or you think it sucks because it isn't funny, entertaining, full of mindless violence, or have any nudity in it (This one is for the perverts): DO NOT RATE AT ALL.

Very nice, it fits themusic and title very well. I'd say this is a Music video.

MOR TALE KOMBATE LOL... Err... woops

I was gonna wait for the easter eggs, but instead, I'm gonna go play my x-box. I've been spending to much time on my old consoles and ol' bessy (My computer) than I have been on my ps2 and X-Box 360... Long live Super Mario RPG!!! Damn, wish I still had that -sniff-

Gunstar-X responds:

Well the first was a throwback to the first movie, and the 2nd was the ShatterHand GodHand parody with a slightly different song, filled with rage.


It would certainly be interesting if a bunch of you who make sonic blooper sprite animations got together and made one about Tails never actually dieing.........

Nice, once again, I just watched the first one before this as well, I'd say this is better. Oh yeah, 3 years and you're still answering comments from the first?
You a crazy mon!

RicStrife responds:

I reply to every single review ever given lol

The uncanny Resemblance

The uncanny Resemblance between this halo scene and Sonic games is a bit creepy... Do you see it? The resemblance? Hmm? Do ya?

Great job, it didn't seem like you rushed it very much at all... Except for the ship scenes, but then again, you were never great at animating those, no offence intended of course ;)

I'll give you... hmm... 9/10 4/5


so they are genderless... What the hell?
So, in conclusion, the game makes no sense whatsoever. That makes sense!
Once again, funny, randomly humorous, and poorly drawn. Perfect score for you.


Isn't NiGHTS a girl? It's hard to tell of course.
Poorly drawn, random humor, I LOVE IT.
Nice job... Even though I've never even heard of the game :P

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